BDC Electronic Sensor / Amplifier  - Malaysia

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of BDC Electronic products such as ATEX Sensor, Inductive Sensor, Capacitive Sensor, Magnetic Sensor, Speed Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Amplifier for Sensor, Connectors for Sensor to the market in Malaysia.

BDC Electronic Inductive Sensor / IRectangular Inductive Sensor / Inductive Slot Sensor (NAMUR Series / Others): 
DC4/4600L DC5/4700 DC6,5/4700L DC6,5/5700L DC8/4700L DC8/4700 DC8/5700 DC12/4600 DC12/4700 DC12/5600 DC12/5700 DC14/4700 DC14/5700 DC16/4700 DC16/5700 DC18/4600 DC18/4700 DC18/5600 DC18/5700 DC28/4700 DC28/5700 DC30/4600 DC30/4700 DC30/5600 DC30/5700 DC35/4700 DC45/4700 DC8/4600S DC12/4600KS DC8/4610S DC8/5610S DC12/4610KS DC12/5610KS DC18/4610KS DC18/5610KS DC30/4610KS DC30/5610KS DC30/5600KS DC30/4600KS DC4/4900L DC5/4900 DC6,5/4900L DC6,5/5900L DC8/4900 DC8/5900 DC8/4300 DC12/4300 DC18/4300 DC18/5300 DC30/4300 DC30/5300 DC8/4300S DC8/5300S DC8/4310S DC12/4310KS DC30/4300KS DC30/4310KS DC30/5310KS DC30/5300KS DC18/4300KS DC30/5310KS DC6,5/4600LT DC8/4600T DC12/4600T DC18/4600T DC30/4600T DCA4/4609LS DCA4/4619LS DCA4/5609LS DCA4/4B09LKS DCA4/5B09LKS DCA5/4609S DCA5/5609S DCA5/4B09KS DCA5/5B09KS DCA4/5B19LKS DCA5/4619S DCA5/5619S DCA5/4B19KS DCA5/5B19KS DCA6,5/4609LKS DCA6,5/4629LKS DCA6,5/5629LKS DCA8/4609LKS DCA8/4609KS DCA8/5609LKS DCA8/5609KS DCA6,5/4619LKS DCA6,5/5619LKS DCA8/4619LKS DCA8/4619KS DCA8/5619LKS DCA8/5619KS DCA6,5/4629LKS DCA6,5/5629LKS DCA8/4629LKS DCA8/4629KS DCA8/5629LKS DCA8/5629KS DCA12/4609KS DCA12/4709KS DCA12/5609KS DCA12/5709KS DCA12/4619KS DCA12/4719KS DCA12/5619KS DCA12/5719KS DCA12/4629KS DCA12/4729KS DCA12/5629KS DCA12/5729KS DCA18/4A09KS DCA18/5A09KS DCA18/4609KS DCA18/4709KS DCA18/5609KS DCA18/5709KS DCA18/4A19KS DCA18/5A19KS DCA18/4619KS DCA18/4719KS DCA18/5619KS DCA18/5719KS DCA18/4A29KS DCA18/5A29KS DCA18/4629KS DCA18/4729KS DCA18/5629KS DCA18/5729KS DCA30/4609KS DCA30/4709KS DCA30/5609KS DCA30/5709KS DCA45/4609KS DCA30/4619KS DCA30/4719KS DCA30/5619KS DCA30/5719KS DCA45/4619KS DCA30/4629KS DCA30/4729KS DCA30/5629KS DCA30/5729KS DCA45/4629KS DCA4/4909LKS DCA4/5909LKS DCA5/4909KS DCA5/5909KS DCA6,5/4909LKS DCA6,5/5909LKS DCA8/4909KS DCA8/5909KS DCA4/4919LKS DCA4/5919LKS DCA5/4919KS DCA5/5919KS DCA6,5/4919LKS DCA6,5/5919LKS DCA8/4919KS DCA8/5919KS DCA8/4309KS DCA8/5309KS DCA12/4309KS DCA12/5309KS DCA8/43C9KS DCA8/53C9KS DCA8/4329KS DCA8/5329KS DCA12/4329KS DCA12/5329KS DCA18/4309KS DCA18/5309KS DCA30/4309KS DCA30/5309KS DCA45/4309KS DCA18/43C9KS DCA18/53C9KS DCA30/43C9KS DCA30/53C9KS DCA18/4329KS DCA18/5329KS DCA30/4329KS DCA30/5329KS DCA45/4329KS DCA18/4209KS DCA18/4409KS DCA18/5209KS DCA18/5409KS DCA18/4219KS DCA18/4419KS DCA18/5219KS DCA18/5419KS DCA18/4E09KS DCA18/5E09KS DCA18/4E19KS DCA18/5E19KS DCA18/4E29KS DCA18/5E29KS DCA30/4209KS DCA30/4409KS DCA30/5209KS DCA30/5409KS DCA30/4219KS DCA30/4419KS DCA30/5219KS DCA30/5419KS DCA30/4E09KS DCA30/5E09KS DCA30/4E19KS DCA30/5E19KS DCA30/4E29KS DCA30/5E29KS DCA45/4209KS DCA45/4219KS DCA45/4E09KS DCA45/4E19KS DSA6,5/4609LKS DSA6,5/5609LKS DSA8/4609KS DSA8/5609KS DSA12/4609KS DSA12/5609KS DSA18/4609KS DSA18/5609KS DSA30/4609KS DSA30/5609KS DSA6,5/4619LKS DSA6,5/5619LKS DSA8/4619KS DSA8/5619KS DSA12/4619KS DSA12/5619KS DSA18/4619KS DSA18/5619KS DSA30/4619KS DSA30/5619KS DSA6,5/4909LKS DSA6,5/5909LKS DSA8/4909KS DSA8/5909KS DSA6,5/4919LKS DSA6,5/5919LKS DSA8/4919KS DSA8/5919KS DSA8/4309KS DSA8/5309KS DSA12/4309KS DSA12/5309KS DSA18/4309KS DSA18/5309KS DSA30/4309KS DSA30/5309KS DSA8/43C9KS DSA8/53C9KS DSA12/43C9KS DSA12/53C9KS DSA18/43C9KS DSA18/53C9KS DSA30/43C9KS DSA30/53C9KS DCAE8/4609KS DCE8/4609KS DCAE8/5609KS DCE8/5609KS DCAE12/4609KS DCE12/4609KS DCAE12/5609KS DCE12/5609KS DCAE8/4619KS DCE8/4619KS DCAE8/5619KS DCE8/5619KS DCAE12/4619KS DCE12/4619KS DCAE12/5619KS DCE12/5619KS DCAE18/4A09KS DCE18/4A09KS DCAE18/5A09KS DCE18/5A09KS DCAE30/4609KS DCE30/4609KS DCAE30/5609KS DCE30/5609KS DCAE18/4A19KS DCE18/4A19KS DCAE18/5A19KS DCE18/5A19KS DCAE30/4619KS DCE30/4619KS DCAE30/5619KS DCE30/5619KS DCAE6,5/4909LKS DCE6,5/4909LKS DCAE6,5/5909LKS DCE6,5/5909LKS DCAE8/4909KS DCE8/4909KS DCAE8/5909KS DCE8/5909KS DCAE6,5/4919LKS DCE6,5/4919LKS DCAE6,5/5919LKS DCE6,5/5919LKS DCAE8/4919KS DCE8/4919KS DCAE8/5919KS DCE8/5919KS DCAE8/4309KS DCE8/4309KS DCAE8/5309KS DCE8/5309KS DCAE12/4309KS DCE12/4309KS DCAE12/5309KS DCE12/5309KS DCAE8/43C9KS DCE8/43C9KS DCAE8/53C9KS DCE8/53C9KS DCAE12/43C9KS DCE12/43C9KS DCAE12/53C9KS DCE12/53C9KS DCAE18/4309KS DCE18/4309KS DCAE18/5309KS DCE18/5309KS DCAE30/4309KS DCE30/4309KS DCAE30/5309KS DCE30/5309KS DCAE18/43C9KS DCE18/43C9KS DCAE18/53C9KS DCE18/53C9KS DCAE30/43C9KS DCE30/43C9KS DCAE30/53C9KS DCE30/53C9KS DSE6,5/4609LKS DSE8/4609KS DSE12/4609KS DSE12/5609KS DSE18/4609KS DSE18/5609KS DSE30/4609KS DSE30/5609KS DSE6,5/4619LKS DSE8/4619KS DSE12/4619KS DSE12/5619KS DSE18/4619KS DSE18/5619KS DSE30/4619KS DSE30/5619KS DSE6,5/4909LKS DSE8/4909KS DSE6,5/4919LKS DSE8/4919KS DSE8/4309KS DSE12/4309KS DSE12/5309KS DSE18/4309KS DSE18/5309KS DSE30/4309KS DSE30/5309KS DSE8/43C9KS DSE12/43C9KS DSE12/53C9KS DSE18/43C9KS DSE18/53C9KS DSE30/43C9KS DSE30/53C9KS DCA6,5/4609LKST DCA8/4609KST DCA12/4609KST DCA18/4609KST DCA30/4609KST DCA45/4609KST DCA6,5/4619LKST DCA8/4619KST DCA12/4619KST DCA18/4619KST DCA30/4619KST DCA45/4619KST DCA18/4629KST DCA30/4629KST DCA45/4629KST DCA8/4309KST DCA12/4309KST DCA18/4309KST DCA30/4309KST DCA45/4309KST DCA8/43C9KST DCA12/43C9KST DCA18/43C9KST DCA30/43C9KST DCA45/43C9KST DCA8/4309KT DCA12/4309KT DCA18/4309KT DCA30/4309KT DCA45/4309KT DCA8/43C9KT DCA12/43C9KT DCA18/43C9KT DCA30/43C9KT DCA45/43C9KT DCA18/4A09KSJ DCA18/5A09KSJ DCA18/4609KSJ DCA18/5609KSJ DCA18/4309KSJ DCA18/5309KSJ DSA18/4609KSJ DSA18/5609KSJ DSA18/4309KSJ DSA18/5309KSJ DSA18/4619KSJ DSA18/5619KSJ DSA18/43C9KSJ DSA18/53C9KSJ DCA18/4609MKSJ DCA18/4619MKSJ IPS05/4608KS DCAL12/4609 DCAL18/4A09 DCAL18/5A09 DCAL12/4619 DCAL18/4A19 DCAL18/5A19 DCAL30/4609 DCAL30/5609 DCAL80/5809 DCAL30/4619 DCAL30/5619 DCAL80/5819 DCAL12/4309B DCAL18/4309B DCAL18/5309B DCAL30/4309B DCAL30/5309B DCAL80/5309 DCAL30/4319B DCAL30/5319B DCAL80/5319 DX18/435XKS DX18/535XKS DX30/435XKS DX30/535XKS AXM8/4600S AXM8/5600S AXM12/4600KS AXM12/5600KS AXM18/4600KS AXM18/5600KS AXM30/4600KS AXM30/5600KS AXM8/4300S AXM8/5300S AXM12/4300KS AXM12/5300KS AXM18/4300KS AXM18/5300KS AXM30/4300KS AXM30/5300KS AX8/4619S AX8/5619S AX12/4619KS AX12/5619KS AX18/4A19KS AX18/5A19KS AX30/4619KS AX30/5619KS AX12/4009KS AX12/5009KS AX18/4009KS AX18/5009KS AX30/4009KS AX30/5009KS AC12/4609S AC12/4709S AC12/5609S AC12/5709S AC18/4609S AC18/4A09S AC18/4709S AC18/5A09S AC18/5709S AC18/5609S AC30/4609S AC30/4709S AC30/5609S AC30/5709S AC45/4609S AC12/4109S AC12/5109S AC18/4109S AC18/5109S AC12/4009S AC12/5009S AC18/4009S AC18/5009S AC30/4109S AC30/5109S AC30/4009S AC30/5009S AC18/4209S AC18/4409S AC18/5209S AC18/5409S AC30/4209S AC30/4409S AC30/5209S AC30/5409S AC45/4209S ACB18/4709S ACB18/5709S ACB30/4709S ACB30/5709S DSA8P/4609KS DSA8P/5609KS DSA12P/4609KS DSA12P/5609KS DSA18P/4609KS DSA18P/5609KS DSA30P/4609KS DSA30P/5609KS DCA18P/4609KSJ DCA18P/5609KSJ DCA18P/4619KSJ DCA18P/5619KSJ AC8P/4609S AC8P/5609S AC12P/4609S AC12P/5609S AC18P/4609S AC18P/5609S AC30P/4609S AC30P/5609S DCMZ/4600KS DCMZ/5600KS DCT/4700 DCT/5700 DCAT/4709KS DCAT/5709KS ACT/4709S ACT/5709S DCX/4700 DCX/5700 DCY/4700 DCY/5700 DCP/4700 DCP/5700 DCAP/4729KS DCAP/5729KS ACP/4709S ACP/5709S DC80B/5800 DC80B/5300 DCA80B/5809KS DCA80B/5309KS DCR/5800 DCR/5300 DCAR/5809KS DCAR/5309KS ACR/5009S DF3,5/4600 DF5/4600 DF6/4600 DCF3,5/4609KS DCF5/4609KS DCF15/4609KS DCF15/4L09KS DCF30/4609KS DCF30/4L09KS DCF3,5/4629KS DCF5/4629KS DCF15/4629KS DCF15/4L29KS DCF30/4629KS DCF30/4L29KS DCF15/4309KS DCF30/4309KS 

BDC Electronic Capacitive Sensor: 
NKS18/4600 NKS30/4600 BKS18/4629KS BKS18/5629KS BKS30/4629KS BKS30/5629KS BKS30S/4329KS BKS30S/5329KS BKS18P/4629KS BKS18P/5629KS BKS30P/4629KS BKS30P/5629KS BKS34P/5629KS AKS18P/4609S AKS18P/5609S AKS30P/4609S AKS30P/5609S AKS18P/4619S AKS18P/5619S AKS30P/4619S AKS30P/5619S BKSP/4729KS 

BDC Electronic Magnetic Sensor:
BMS4/4600L BMS5/4600 BMS6,5/4600L BMS8/4600 BMS12/4600 BMS8/4609KS BMS12/4609KS BMS8/4619KS BMS12/4619KS BMSZ/4600 BMSW/4600 BMSZ/4609KS BMSW/4609KS BMSZ/4619KS BMSW/4619KS BMS/4600S BMS/4F00S BMS/4602S BMS/4F02S BMS/4609KS BMS/4F09KS BMS/4619KS BMS/4F19KS MAG-T53 MAG-T83 MAG-T105 MAG-M820 MAG-TF136 MAG-Z DCH12/4309KS DCH18/4309KS DCH12/43C9KS DCH18/43C9KS 

BDC Electronic Speed Sensor:
BRS12X/4609KJ BRS12X/4608KJ BRS18X/4608KJ BRUS12X/4609KJ BRUS18X/4609KJ BRUS12X/4608KJ BRUS18X/4608KJ BRDS12X/4628KJ BRDS18X/4628KJ DSD8/4309KS DSD8/5309KS DSD12/4309KS DSD12/5309KS DSD18/4309KS DSD18/5309KS DSD30/4309KS DSD30/5309KS ASD18/4609KS ASD18/5609KS ASD30/4609KS ASD30/5609KS 

BDC Electronic Acceleration Sensor: ISX/2660S VSX/2602S VSX/2605S VSX/2618S 

BDC Electronic Amplifier for Sensor (Optcocoupled Static Output / Relay Output): AM-OP-24/2 AM-OP-1122/1 AM-TOP-24/1 AM-TOP-1122/1 AM-RL-24/2 AM-RL-1122/1 AM-TRL-24/1 AM-TRL-1122/1 

BDC Electronic Connector / Cable: C12/0032PV C12/0035PV C12/00310PV C12/0032PR C12/0035PR C12/00310PR C12/2N32PV C12/2N35PV C12/2N310PV C12/2N32PR C12/2N35PR C12/2N310PR C8M/0042PV C8M/0045PV C8M/00410PV C8M/0042PR C8M/0045PR C8M/00410PR C10/0042PV C10/0045PV C10/00410PV C10/0042PR C10/0045PR C10/00410PR C10/2N32PV C10/2N35PV C10/2N310PV C10/2N32PR C10/2N35PR C10/2N310PR C8B/0032PV C8B/0035PV C8B/00310PV C8B/0032PR C8B/0035PR C8B/00310PR C8B/2P32PV C8B/2P35PV C8B/2P310PV C8B/2P32PR C8B/2P35PR C8B/2P310PR C10/0042T C10/0045T C10/00410T C8B/0042T C8B/0045T C8B/00410T C10/0032T C10/0035T C10/00310T C8B/0032T C8B/0035T C8B/00310T C8B/0032PV3GD C8B/0035PV3GD C8B/00310PV3GD C8B/0032PR3GD C8B/0035PR3GD C8B/00310PR3GD C8M/C12/003-0,6PV C8M/C12/003-1PV C8M/C12/003-2PV C8M/C12/003-0,6PR C8M/C12/003-1PR C8M/C12/003-2PR C8M/C10/003-0,6PV C8M/C10/003-1PV C8M/C10/003-2PV C8M/C10/003-0,6PR C8M/C10/003-1PR C8M/C10/003-2PR C9/C11/003-0,6PV C9/C11/003-1PV C9/C11/003-2PV C9/C11/003-0,6PR C9/C11/003-1PR C9/C11/003-2PR 

BDC Electronic Sensor / Amplifier - Malaysia

We supply BDC Electronic Sensor / Amplifier to the market in Malaysia. Our sales network in Malaysia covers Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor, Perak, Penang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak (District: Kemaman, Labuan, Miri, Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Chukai, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Tawau etc.)

JOHOR Johor Bahru Kluang Kota Tinggi Mersing Muar Pontian Segamat Kulaijaya Ledang Batu Pahat KEDAH Baling Bandar Baharu Kota Setar Kuala Muda Kubang Pasu Kulim Pulau Langkawi Padang Terap Pendang Pokok Sena Sik Yan KELANTAN Bachok Gua Musang Jeli Kota Bahru Kuala Krai Machang Pasir Mas Pasir Puteh Tanah Merah Tumpat MALACCA Alor Gajah Melaka Tengah Malacca Jasin Batu Berendam Bertam NEGERI SEMBILAN Jelebu Jempol Kuala Pilah Port Dickson Rembau Seremban Tampin Lukut PAHANG Bentong Bera Cameron Highlands Jerantut Kuantan Lipis Maran Pekan Raub Rompin Temerloh PENANG North-East Penang Island South-West Penang North Seberang Perai Central Seberang Perai South Seberang Perai PERAK Batang Padang Hilir Perak Hulu Perak Kerian  Kinta Kuala Kangsar Larut, Matang Selama Manjung Perak Tengah Kampar Perlis SELANGOR Gombak Hulu Langat Hulu Selangor Klang Shah Alam Puchong Kuala Langat Kajang Rawang Kuala Selangor Petaling Jaya Sabak Bernam Sepang TERENGGANU Besut Dungun Hulu Terengganu Kemaman Kuala Terengganu Maran  Setiu  uala Nerus Federal Territory of KUALA LUMPUR Bukit Bintang Bandar Tun Razak Cheras Setiawangsa Kepong Lembah Pantai Batu Seputeh Segambut Titiwangsa Wangsa Maju PUTRAJAYA SABAH Beaufort Keningau Kuala Penyu Nabawa Sipitang Tambunan Tenom Kota Marudu Kudat Pitas Beluran Kinabatangan Sandakan Tongod Kunak Lahad Datu Semporna Tawau Kota Belud Kota Kinabalu Papar Penampang Putatan Ranau Tuaran SARAWAK Betong Saratok Bintulu Tatau Belaga Kapit Song Bau Kuching Lundu Lawas Limbang Marudi Miri Dalat Daro Matu Mukah Asajaya Samarahan Simunjan Julau Meradong Sarikei Pakan Siburan Tebedu Kanowit Sibu Selangau Lubok Antu Sri Aman Federal Territory LABUAN
BDC Electronic Sensor
BDC Electronic Sensor
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