Balluff Capacitive Sensor

Starfound Industrial supplies a wide range of Balluff products covering Balluff Sensors (Inductive Sensors, Capacitive Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Mechanical Cam Switch, Ultrasonic Sensor, Magnetically Coded Sensor, Magnetostrictive Sensor, Inclination Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Flow Sensor, Position Indicator & Condition Monitoring Sensor), RFID, Safety I/O Modules, Profibus, I/O-Link Module, Inductive Coupler, Power Supplies in Malaysia. 

Example of Balluff Inductive Sensor (Inductive Capacitive Sensor, Inductive Distance Sensor, Inductive NAMUR Sensor, Weld-immune Inductive Sensor, Magnetic Field Resistant Inductive Sensor, Inductive Full-Metal Sensor, Pressure Rated Inductive Sensor) : BES G03EC-PSC10B-EP02, BES G03EC-PSC10B-EP00,3-GS49, BES G04EC-PSC08B-S26G, BES G04ED-PSC50F-EP02, BES G04ED-PSC50F-EP05, BES G04ED-PSC50F-S26G, BES M04EC-PSD06B-BP02, BES M04EC-PSC10B-EP02, BES M04EC-PSC10B-EP00,3-GS49, BES M05ED-PSC10B-EP00,2-097, BES M05ED-POC10B-EP00,3-097, BES M05EC-PSC08B-S26G, BES M05EC-NSC08B-S26G, BES M05ED-PSC15B-S26G, BES M05ED-PSC50F-EP02, BES M05ED-POC15B-S26G, BES M05ED-NOC15B-S26G, BES M05ED-PSC50F-EP00,3-GS04, BES G06K40-PSC15B-FP02, BES G06E60-PSC15B-EP02, BES G06EA-PSC15B-EP01 (PNP Normally Open), BES G06E60-POC15B-EP02 (PNP Normally Closed), BES G06EA-POC15B-EP02, BES G06E60-POC15B-EP01-GS49, BES G06EH-PSC20B-S49G, BES G06EI-PSC30B-S49G, BES G06ED-PSC40F-BP02, BES G06EB-PSC40F-S49G, BES G06MH-PSC30B-BP00,3-GS49, BES G08EE-PSC20B-BP02, BES M08EA-PSC15B-EP02, BES M08MI-PSC15B-BP05, BES M08MI-POC15B-BV05, BES M08MI-PSC20B-BP02, BES M08MI-PSC20B-BP10, BES M08EA-PSC20B-EP00,3-GS49, BES M08EA-PSD15B-S49G, BES M08EG-PSC15B-S49G, BES M08MI-PSC15B-S49G, BES M08MH1-POC15B-S04G, BES 516-325-G-S4-C, BES 516-325-G-S4-L, BES 516-209-SA1-S21-E, BES 516-418-E5-L-S27, BES 515-215-E5-E-S21, BES 516-3028-G-E5-Y-S4, BES 516-327-G-E5-Y-S4, BES 516-327-G-S4-C, BES M30MM-PSC30F-BV02, BES M30MM-PSC30F-S04K, BES 516-362-G-S4-H, BES 516-133-MO-C-PU-05, BES 516-133-MO-C-S4-00,2, BES R05KB-USU20B-EV02, BES R05KB-USU40B-EV02, BES R05KB-PSC40B-EV03, BES 517-398-NO-C-03, BES R05KB-PSC40B-S49A, BES 516-300-S279, BES R01ZC-PSC70B-BP00.3-GS49, BES Z03K-GSS10B-EP00,8-GS04-006, BES Z03K-GSS10B-EP00,15-GS04-006, BES Q80KA-PAC50B-S04Q-U, BES Q40KFU-PSC40F-S04G-012, BES 517-139-M4-H, BES 517-139-U5-H-S4, BES M08MG-GSC20B-BV02, BES M08MG-GSC20B-BP03, BES M08MG-USC20B-BV03, BES M12MG-USC30B-BV02, BES M08MG-GSC20B-BP00,3-GS04-101, BES M08ME1-GSC20B-S04G, BES M12MG-USC30B-BV03, BES M12MG-GSC30B-BP00,3-GS04, BES M12MF-USC30B-S04G, BES M18MG-USC70B-BV03, BES M18MF-GSC70B-S04K, BES M18MF-GSC70B-S04G, BES M30MF-GSC15B-S04G-U, BHS G409N-PSD10-EP02, BES M12EG1-PSC60Z-S04G-S11, BES 516-300-S295/1.250“-S4, BES 516-200-S2/1.250“-S5, BES 516-200-S2/4.560“-S5, BES 516-300-S321-S4-D, BES 516-300-S262-S4-D, BES M18EI-PSC72B-S04G-S01, BES M18EG1-PSC10Z-S04G-S11, BES 516-300-S331-S4-D, BES G12EE1-PSY40F-S04G-L02, BES G12EE1-PSY40F-S04G-L02, BAW Z01AC-UAD50B-DP03-K, BAW M30ME-UAC15F-S04G, BAW M18MI-BLC50B-S04G, BES G04ED-GNX08B-EP02, BES M30MF2-PSC15F-BV02-EXE, BES M30MH2-GNX15F-BT02-EXA, BES M30MH2-GNX10B-S04G-EXC, BES R01ZC-PSC50B-BZ00,5-GS04-V02, BES M18EG1-PSC50N-S04G-S, BES Q40KFU-PSC35Z-S04G-011, BES M12MF1-PSC30A-S04G-W01, BES M08EG1-PSC15A-S04G-W, BES M08EG-PSC15A-S49G-W, BES M12EE-PSC40B-S04G-L01

Example of Balluff Capacitive Sensor (Capacitive Sensor for Object Detection, Capacitive Level Sensor):  BCS G06T4E1-PSM15C-EP02, BCS G06T4D2-PSM15C-S49G, BCS G10T4H-PSM40C-EP02, BCS M08T4E2-PSM15C-S49G, BCS M12BBI1-PSC40D-EP02, BCS M12BBG2-PSC40D-S04K, BCS M12T4D2-PSM40C-S04G, BCS M18BBN1-NSC80D-EP02, BCS M18BBI3-PSC80D-S04K, BCS D22T402-PSM60C-EP02, BCS D22V4M1-PSC10C-EV02, BCS D30T401-PSC15C-EP02, BCS M30BBM2-PPM20C-S04G, BCS M30B4I2-PSC15D-S04K, BCS D50OO02-YPC25C-EV02, BCS R08RRE-PSMFHC-EP02, BCS R08RRE-NSMFHC-EP02, BCS R08RRE-PSMFHC-EP00,3-GS75, BCS R08RRE-PIMFHC-EP00,3-GS04, BCS Q40BBAA-PSCFHC-EP00,3-GS49, BCS M12BBE2-PSC80H-S04K, BCS G04T4D-XXS10C-EP02-GZ01-002, BCS G06T4B-XXS15C-EP02-GZ01-002, BCS G10T4C-XXS80G-EP02-GZ01-002, BCS M05T4C-XXS10C-EP02-GZ01-002, BCS D18T404-XXS50C-EP02-GZ01-002, BCS D22T408-XXS10C-EP02-GZ01-002, BAE SA-CS-027-YI-BP00,3-GS04, BAE SA-CS-026-YP-BP02, BCS S10T403-XXSFNC-SZ02-T07, BCS M30KN2-UST15G-AV02.

Example of Balluff Photoelectric Sensor (Balluff Diffuse Sensor, Balluff Retroreflective Sensor, Through-Beam Sensor, Balluff Fork Sensor, Balluff Angle Sensor, Balluff Optical Window, Balluff Light Grid, Balluff Light Bands, Balluff Color Sensor, Balluff Luminescence Sensor, Micromate, Balluff Photoelectric Distance Sensor, ) : BOS 21M-UUI-RP30-S4, BOS 12M-PS-ID10-S4, BOS 08E-PS-KD20-S49, BOS 08E-PS-KD20-00,2-S49, BOS 18M-PA-ID20-S4, BOS 18M-PA-LD20-S4, BOS 12M-PS-RD12-S4, BOS 18M-PS-RD21-S4, BOS 18M-PI-RD30-S4, BOS 18E-PI-RD30-S4, BOS 18E-PA-RD20-S4, BOS G18E-PA-RD20-S4, BOS 18KF-PA-1PD-S4-C, BOS 18KF-PA-1LOC-S4-C, BOS Q08M-PS-LD20-S49, BOS R01E-PS-KD20-02, BOS R01E-PS-KD20-00,2-S49, BOS 23K-PU-RD10-S4, BOS 50K-PU-RD11-S4, BOS 12M-PA-RF10-S4, BOS 08E-PS-KH22-S49, BOS 12M-PA-RF11-S4, BOS 12M-PA-RH12-S4, BOS 18M-PS-LH22-S4, BOS 18M-PA-RH22-S4, BOS 18M-PA-RH23-S4, BOS 18KW-PA-1HA-S4-C, BOS Q08M-PS-KF20-00,2-S49, BOS R01E-PS-KF20-00,2-S49, BOS R020K-PS-RH12-00,2-S75, BOS R020K-PS-RF12-00,2-S49, BOS 5K-PS-RH12-S75, BOS 5K-PS-RH12-S49, BOS 6K-PU-LH10-S75, BOS 6K-PU-RH10-S49, BOS 6K-PU-RH10-S75, BOS 21M-PUS-RV13-S4, BOS 21M-UUI-LH31-S4, BOS 21M-PA-LH23-S4, BOS 23K-PU-LH20-S4, BOS 23K-PU-RH10-S4, BOS 26K-PA-1LHC-S4-C, BOS 26K-PA-1LHB-S4-C, BOS 50K-PA-RH12-S4, BOS 50K-PS-RH12-S4, BOS 26K-PA-1IE-S4-C, BOS 50K-PSV-RH12-S4, BOS 64K-AA-IH12-TG, BOS 08E-PS-PR20-00,2-S49, BOS 18M-PA-PR20-S4, BOS 18M-PA-LR20-S4, BOS 18M-PA-IR21-S4, BOS 18M-PA-IR20-S4, BOS 18M-PA-PR20-S4S, BOS 18M-PS-PR23-S4, BOS G18E-PA-PR20-S4, BOS 18E-PA-PR30-S4, BOS 18E-PI-PR30-S4, BOS 18E-PA-PR20-S4, BOS 18KF-PA-1TB-S4-C, BOS 18KF-PA-1LQP-S4-C, BOS 18KF-PA-1RE-S4-C, BOS Q08M-PS-LR20-00,2-S49, BOS Q08M-PS-LR20-S49, BOS Q08M-PS-PR20-00,2-S49, BOS Q08M-PO-LR20-00,2-S49, BOS R01E-PS-KR20-02, BOS 5K-PS-RR10-02, BOS 6K-PU-LK10-S75, BOS 21M-PA-PK10-S4, BOS 21M-PA-PR10-S4, BOS 08E-X-KS20-00,2-S49, BOS 08E-X-LS20-00,2-S49, BOS 08E-X-KS20-S49, BOS 12M-PA-LE10-S4, BOS 12M-X-LS11-S4, BOS 12M-X-RS10-S4, BOS 12M-XT-LS11-S4, BOS 18M-X-IS20-S4, BOS 18M-X-RS20-S4, BOS 18E-PI-RE30-S4, BLE 18KW-PA-1LT-S4-C, BLE 18KW-PA-1PP-S4-C, BOS G18E-X-RS20-S4, BOS R01E-PS-KE20-00,2-S49, BOS 5K-PU-LX10-S75, BOS 5K-PO-IX10-S75, BOS 6K-PU-LE10-S49, BOS 23K-PU-LE10-S4, BOS 21M-XT-IS11-S4, BGL 50A-007-S49, BGL 30A-007-S49, BGL 20A-007-S49, BGL 10A-007-S49, BGL 30A-003-S49, BGL 220A-007-S49, BGL 80A-003-S49, BGL 50A-001-S49, BGL 80A-001-S49, BGL 20A-001-S49, BGL 120A-001-S49, BGL 80F-001-00,2-S4, BWL 6868D-L011-S49, BWL 4040D-L011-S49, BWL 110110D-I011-S49, BWL 9090D-L011-S49, BWL 4040D-R013-S49, BOW A-1616-PS-C-S49, BOW A-1616-NS-C-S49, BOW A-1216-PS-C-S49, BOW A-1216-NS-C-S49, BOW B-0404-DU-C-S75, BOW B-0808-DU-C-S75, BOW B-1212-DU-C-S75, BOW B-1616-DU-C-S75, BLG 1-030-210-070-PV01-SX, BLG 1-015-210-050-PV01-SX, BFS 33M-GSS-F01-PU-02, BFS 33M-GSI-F01-S75, BFS 33M-GSS-F01-PU-02, BLT 21M-001-P-S4, BFB M18M-001-P-S4, BFB M18M-002-P-S4, BOS 18KF-PA-1FR-S4-C, BFO 18A-LAA-MZG-20-0,5, BFO 18A-LAA-MZG-20-1,5, BFO 18A-LCC-SMG-20-0,5, BOH AR-F80-003-01-S49F, BOH TR-T32-001-01-S49F, BAE SA-OH-050-PP-S75G, BOD 21M-LB01-S92, BOD 23K-LA01-S92, BOD 24K-LA02-S92, BOD 24K-LA03-S92, BOD 24K-LB02-S92, BOD 26K-LA01-S4-C, BOD 26K-LB06-S92-C, BOD 26K-LB05-S115-C, BOD 26K-LBR04-S115-C, BOD 26K-LBR05-S115-C, BOD 63M-LI06-S4, BOD 63M-LA02-S115, BOD 63M-LI06-S4, BOD 63M-LB02-S115, BOD 66M-LB14-S92

Example of Balluff Magnetic Field Sensor: BMF 315M-PS-W-2-S49-00,3, BMF 315M-PS-W-2-SA4-S4-00,3, BMF 315M-PS-W-2-S4-00,3, BMF 315M-PS-D-2-SA3-S49-00,3, BMF 235K-PS-C-2A-SA5-02, BMF 315M-PS-D-2-SA3-PU-02, BMF 255K-N-06-EEX, BMF 204K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S49-00,3, BMF 204K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S4-00,3, BMF 203K-H-PS-C-A2-PU-02, BMF 204K-PS-C-2A-PU-02, BMF 214K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S49-00,5, BMF 214K-PS-C-2A-S4-03, BMF 214K-PS-C-2A-PU-05, BMF 233K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S49-00,3, BMF 243K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S4-00,3, BMF 243K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S49-00,3, BMF 243K-NS-C-2A-SA2-S49-00,3, BMF 243K-PS-C-2A-SA93-S4-00,3, BMF 103K-PS-C-2A-PU-03, 7 BMF0046 BMF 303K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S49-01, BMF 303K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S49-00,7, BMF 305M-PS-C-2-S49, BMF 305M-PS-C-2-SA4-S49, BMF 305M-PS-C-2-S4, BMF 32M-PS-C-2-SA1-S49, BMF 21K-PS-C-2-PU-03, BMF 07M-PS-D-2-SA2-S49-00,3

Example of Balluff Mechanical Multiple Position Switch & Mechanical Position Switch: BNS 819-, BNS 816-, BES 517-110, BES 517-561-H

Example of Balluff Ultrasonic Sensor: BUS M18M1-GPXI-02/015-S92G, BUS W18M1-GPXI-12/100-S92G, BUS M18M1-GPXI-12/100-S92G, BUS M30E1-PWX-20/130-S92K, BUS003P, BUS M30M1-PPX-35/340-S92K, BUS M30E1-PPX-35/340-S92K, BUS M18M1-XA-02/015-S92G, BUS M12M1-XA-02/015-S04G, BUS M30E1-XC-03/025-S92K, BUS W18M1-XA-12/100-S92G,  BUS M18M1-XA-12/100-S92G, BUS M30M1-PPC-07/035-S92K, BUS M30E1-PPC-07/035-S92K, BUS R06K1-XA-12/070-S75G, BUS R06K1-XA-05/024-S75G, BUS M30E2-PPC-09/035-S92K-G1, BUS M30E2-PPC-20/130-S92K-G1, BUS Q62K1-XC-35/340-S92K, BUS M30M1-PWC-35/340-S92K, BUS M30M1-PPC-35/340-S92K, BUS M30M1-XC-20/130-S92K, BUS M30E1-XC-20/130-S92K, BUS M30M1-XC-03/025-S92K, BUS M30E1-XC-03/025-S92K, BUS W18M1-XA-02/015-S92G, BUS M18M1-XA-02/015-S92G. 


Example of Balluff Inclination Sensor: BSI R65K0-XA-MXS090-S115, BSI Q41K0-XA-MYS015-S92

Example of Balluff Pressure Sensor:BSP B002-HV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP B010-HV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP V010-HV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP V002-DV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP B002-DV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP B250-DV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP B020-FV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP V010-FV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP V002-KV004-A04A1A-S4, BSP B250-EV009-P00S2B-S4

Example of Balluff Temperature Sensor: BTS M30E0-PSB-H0001-S04G, BFT 6025-HV003-A00A0C-S4, BFT 6025-HV003-A02A0C-S4, BFT 6050-HV003-D00A0C-S4, BFT 6050-JC003-A00A0C-S4, BFT 6100-JC003-A02A0C-S4, BFT 6100-JC003-D00A0C-S4,  BFT 6050-DX002-A06A1A-S4

Example of Balluff Flow Sensor: BFF TX006-DA004-D00A2C-S4, BFF TX015-HA004-D00A2C-S4

Example of Balluff UHF Data Carrier: BIS U-106-A0/C1M, BIS U-110-A0/C1A

Example of Balluff UHF Processor Unit: BIS U-6026-034-114-06-ST35, BIS U-6020-059-114-00-ST26, BIS U-620-067-111-04-ST30, BIS U-620-068-101-00-S115

Example of Balluff Safety I/O Modules: BNI IOL-252-000-Z013, BNI IOL-252-S01-Z013, BNI IOL-355-S02-Z013, BNI IOL-256-000-Z013

Example of Balluff Profisafe over IO-Link: BNI IOF-329-P02-Z038

Example of Balluff Safety Switch & Safety Sensor: BES M30EP-PFC12F-S04G-D12, BES Q40ZU-PFC15B-S04G-D12, BES Q40ZU-PFC20F-S04G-D12, BES M18MN-PFC50B-S04G-D11, BES M18EN-PFC80F-S04G-D11, BES M30MN-PFC10B-S04G-D11, BID R01K-4M100, BID R01K-4M100-M20ZZ0-EP00,2-S92, BID R02K-4R300, BID R03K-4R100-O20ZZ0-S92, BID R02K-4R300-O20ZZ0-EP00,2-S92, BID R03K-4R300-O20ZZ0-S92, BID R03K-4R3S0-O20ZZ0-S92, BID R03K-4R1S0-O20ZZ0-S92

Example of Balluff Opto-Electronic Protective Device: BLG 4A-045-600-014-O01-SX, BLG 4A-015-600-014-O01-SX, BLG 4A-015-19X-030-O01-SX, BLG 4A-045-19X-030-O01-SX, BLG 4A-075-19X-030-O01-SX, BLG 4A-090-19X-030-O01-SX, BLG 4A-180-19X-030-O01-SX, BLG 4A-050-50X-B02-O01-SX

Example of Balluff Safety Guard Locking Device: BID F101-2M1M3-M02AZ0-S115, BID F101-2M1E3-M02AZ0-S115, BID Z01K-4R3M0, BID Z01K-4R3M3R-O02KZ0-S115, BID Z01K-4R3M3-O02KZ0-S115

Example of Balluff Safety Command Device: BAM ES-XA-01D-01-R01-201-S92

Example of Balluff Network Blocks (Profibus, CC-Link IE Field, Ethernet/IP, I/O Link) : BNI PNT-509-105-Z033, BNI PNT-538-105-Z063, BNI PNT-502-102-Z015, BNI PNT-502-105-Z015, BNI PNT-527-005-Z040, BNI PNT-508-105-Z031, BNI PNT-302-105-Z015, BNI PNT-104-105-Z015, BNI PNT-305-105-Z015, BNI PNT-302-005-E002, BNI PNT-508-005-E002, BNI PNT-202-105-Z015, BNI PBS-502-101-Z001, BNI PBS-507-002-Z011, BNI PBS-552-001-Z001, BNI PBS-302-103-Z001, BNI PBS-302-101-Z001, BNI PBS-504-002-K008, BNI CIE-508-105-Z015, BNI CCL-502-100-Z001, BNI CCL-305-100-Z001, BNI EIP-302-105-Z015, BNI EIP-527-005-Z040, BNI EIP-507-005-Z040, BNI EIP-104-105-R015, BNI DNT-502-100-Z001, BNI DNT-202-000-Z005, BNI ECT-508-105-Z015, BNI ECT-527-005-Z040,BNI TCP-951-000-E028, BNI TCP-951-000-E028,  BNI IOL-102-002-Z019, BNI IOL-309-002-Z019, BNI IOL-102-S01-K019, BNI IOL-104-000-K021, BNI IOL-104-002-Z046, BNI IOL-101-000-K018, BNI IOL-106-000-Z012, BNI IOL-106-S01-Z012-C01, BNI IOL-302-000-Z012, BNI IOL-104-S01-Z012-C01, BNI IOL-102-000-Z012, BNI IOL-302-S02-Z013, BNI IOL-302-000-Z013, BNI IOL-302-S01-Z013-C01, BNI IOL-302-S02-Z026, BNI IOL-302-002-E013, BNI IOL-302-002-E012, BNI IOL-104-S02-R012, BNI IOL-710-000-K006, BNI IOL-102-000-K006, BNI IOL-309-000-K024-001, BNI IOL-309-000-K024, BNI IOL-310-000-K025

Example of Balluff Universal IO-Link Interfance: BNI IOL-772-002-K027-003, BNI IOL-772-000-K027

Example of Balluff Memory Module: BNI IOL-910-002-K060

Example of Balluff Inductive Couplers: BIC 1B0-ITA50-M30MF1-SM4A5A, BIC 2B0-ITA50-M30MF1-SM4A5A, BIC 1B0-ITA50-Q40KFU-SM4A4A, BIC 1I3-P2A50-M30MI3-SM4ACA, BIC 2I3-P2A50-M30MI3-BPX0C-002-M4CA, BIC 1P0-P2A50-M30MI3-SM4A4A, BIC 2P0-P2A50-M30MI3-SM4A5A, BIC 1P0-P25A0-Q120AE-SA3A50, BIC 2P0-P25A0-Q120AE-SA3A40

Example of Balluff Switching Power Supplies: BAE PS-XA-1W-24-038-602, BAE PS-XA-1W-24-080-605, BAE PS-XA-1W-24-080-606, BAE PS-XA-1W-24-038-607, BAE PS-XA-1S-24-050-102, BAE PS-XA-1S-24-100-103, BAE PS-XA-1S-24-200-104, BAE PS-XA-1W-24-025-002, BAE PS-XA-1W-24-100-004, BAE PS-XA-1W-24-050-003, BAE PS-XA-3Y-24-200-007, BAE PS-XA-3Y-24-100-006

Balluff Sensor, RFID, Safety I/O Modules, Profibus, I/O-Link Module, Inductive Coupler, Power Supplies - Malaysia

We supply Balluff Sensor, RFID, Safety I/O Modules, Profibus, I/O-Link Module, Inductive Coupler, Power Supplies to the market in Malaysia. Our sales network in Malaysia covers Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Johor, Perak, Penang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah, Sarawak (District: Kemaman, Labuan, Miri, Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Chukai, Johor Bahru, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Tawau etc.)

JOHOR Johor Bahru Kluang Kota Tinggi Mersing Muar Pontian Segamat Kulaijaya Ledang Batu Pahat KEDAH Baling Bandar Baharu Kota Setar Kuala Muda Kubang Pasu Kulim Pulau Langkawi Padang Terap Pendang Pokok Sena Sik Yan KELANTAN Bachok Gua Musang Jeli Kota Bahru Kuala Krai Machang Pasir Mas Pasir Puteh Tanah Merah Tumpat MALACCA Alor Gajah Melaka Tengah Malacca Jasin Batu Berendam Bertam NEGERI SEMBILAN Jelebu Jempol Kuala Pilah Port Dickson Rembau Seremban Tampin Lukut PAHANG Bentong Bera Cameron Highlands Jerantut Kuantan Lipis Maran Pekan Raub Rompin Temerloh PENANG North-East Penang Island South-West Penang North Seberang Perai Central Seberang Perai South Seberang Perai PERAK Batang Padang Hilir Perak Hulu Perak Kerian  Kinta Kuala Kangsar Larut, Matang Selama Manjung Perak Tengah Kampar Perlis SELANGOR Gombak Hulu Langat Hulu Selangor Klang Shah Alam Puchong Kuala Langat Kajang Rawang Kuala Selangor Petaling Jaya Sabak Bernam Sepang TERENGGANU Besut Dungun Hulu Terengganu Kemaman Kuala Terengganu Maran  Setiu  uala Nerus Federal Territory of KUALA LUMPUR Bukit Bintang Bandar Tun Razak Cheras Setiawangsa Kepong Lembah Pantai Batu Seputeh Segambut Titiwangsa Wangsa Maju PUTRAJAYA SABAH Beaufort Keningau Kuala Penyu Nabawa Sipitang Tambunan Tenom Kota Marudu Kudat Pitas Beluran Kinabatangan Sandakan Tongod Kunak Lahad Datu Semporna Tawau Kota Belud Kota Kinabalu Papar Penampang Putatan Ranau Tuaran SARAWAK Betong Saratok Bintulu Tatau Belaga Kapit Song Bau Kuching Lundu Lawas Limbang Marudi Miri Dalat Daro Matu Mukah Asajaya Samarahan Simunjan Julau Meradong Sarikei Pakan Siburan Tebedu Kanowit Sibu Selangau Lubok Antu Sri Aman Federal Territory LABUAN
Balluff Capacitive Sensor
Balluff Capacitive Sensor
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